You want to constitute your offshore insurance company? You do not have enormous capital, but you want one qualified own company to operate to international level?

We have the solution to lot moderate costs. We dispose in effects of the know how necessary in order to constitute insurance societies in offshore jurisdictions, that they do not demand capitals in deposit enormous, like previewed instead from the restrictive European legislations.

There are in effects of the most reliable jurisdictions offshore that offer the possibility to record the insurance companies, disciplined from one solid legal base and connected with one banking network and data transmission of first order.

The recording of an offshore insurance company allows:

 -- to not have the obligation to hire local directors. It is in fact possible to name foreign directors of the insurance company, of such risen that our customer could be, wanting, the single director-responsible of the company. The insurance company could therefore independently be managed from our customer.

-- the possibility to record one already existing insurance company, without with that proceeding to one put in liquidation of the original society.

-- the possibility to found one offshore branch of one already existing insurance society.

-- one great swiftness in the constitution of one insurance company, par to approximately 3/4 weeks

-- the exemption from the payment of taxes, social burdens, customs duties, stamp duty.

-- the anonymity and the confidentiality of the owner of the insurance company.

-- the possibility to pay a social capital, or to ask the exemption from its payment.

--the possibility to constitute general insurance agencies, life insurances and society of reinsuring.

The Miralux Fiduciaria Sagl is in a position to assisting you in the constitution of the insurance companies offshore, supplying the necessary fiscal and banc attendance to you.                                     




We are specialized in the following consulting:

We can examine, estimate and choose for you the operating insurance companies in Switzerland and propose you, therefore the best solution for your requirements.

We do not have some ties with the specialized insurance companies, as we can really offer the better performance to you depending on the cost you pay.

We can operate on all the Swiss territory and extend our performances also to the foreign country.

We guarantee a total independence from the insurance companies.

Our consulting service is free for the customer. There are no administrative expenses for the customer.

Our service will be quick, without delay.

You will be able to obtain the fiscal advantages depending on the issue of our consulting.


Our services:



RC and helmet for vehicles and motorcycles, jet planes and boats


Domestic economy


RC private and professional


Legal Protection


Works of art


Sickness benefit and accident insurance


Life - savings assurance


Stable Savings assurance


Commerce assurances


Investments assurances



If is planed that in future our company will be more in a position to render more wide insurance servicing in benefit of the customers so that our clients will be able to have immediately the use of it.




Sickness Insurance benefit:

To get in the case of being 65 years old and on a pension. This income guarantees better medical services without worrying about the additional expenses that were not taken into account from the own sickness benefit, remaining financially independent, without using the personal funds or the personal property.


Investments insurances:

Individual pensions: Solutions on measure for the retirement in CHF, EUR or US$. With the decision for making the solution for allocation an individual pension, they prepare a comfortable retirement modalities before, in order to enjoy the active life and to ensure themselves being unencumbered during the old age. A pension, independently of the exchange rate fluctuations and the interest rate, is paid off to them in accordance with the desired order preferredby the client. In this way they free themselves from the risks of the capital.


Policy patrimonial management:

Tied up investment to an insurance cover.
Possibility to guarantee the invested capital to 100%

To invest in purse through the subscription of insurance policies, which guarantee 100 % of the deposited capital for investments and obtaining an extremely interesting profit.

A profitable investment with cover of the risks through an insurance policy.

There are insurance policies with unique premium payment that bind together the advantages of an optimal insurance solution with those of a profitable investment.

We remind that this type of policy can be also used as a credit instrument, in order to obtain a financing from a financial institution.

You will have therefore the following advantages:



optimum diversity of the investments


professional management of the capital by professionals


insured capital guaranteed


high level of a service rendering


parts of the surplus


tax exemptions, if it is recognized as precaution yield



Policy of a risk death:

Protect the owner of the policy and the family partner. For the family as being also the own society this insurance will be guaranteed to the spouse, as the capital that they do not invest to make part of the hereditary scope. The insurance policy of the death risk will be the IDEAL solution.



1. Depot of a sum that guarantees a final capital or a yield upon maturity

50 years man




€ 500'000



12 years

Final capital

€ 793'132



Yield for all the life to the year


€ 48'750

 since 2015



2. Patrimonial management with 100% investment guarantee

50 years man

active management with portfoglio of funds



SFr. 500'000



12 years

Final capital

SFr. 950'000


minimal capital died

SFr. 820'572

Guarantee of the initially invested capital to 100% upon maturity



3. The true social security in order to not force expenses to the own someone for the own health, in serious cases and case of died, to guarantee to the heirs an immediately a reserve capital for the first necessities and/or succession taxes.

50 years man

whole life



Sfr. 500'000


In death case

SFr. 864'167

In case of serious illness

Sfr. 250'000

until 2017

After the deposit of the performance "serious illness", in death case

SFr. 614'167


In dependency case annual income

SFr. 50'000

since 2018

 until 2037



4. Mortgages to 2.02% with financings already 80% in 1° rank Account construction 2.62% for primary & secondary houses



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